Wednesday, March 11, 2009



Today we had to roll out of bed at zero dark thirty to head out for our follow up echo-doppler to see where Django is with his DCM diagnosis. For those of you who do not know, that stands for Dialated cardiomyopathy and it is degenerative and fatal. Django was diagnosed early (thankfully) and therefore was (and is) not symptomatic. He is currently taking Pimobendan - Vetmedin 10 mg 2 x a day.

Good news! He is stable. There was little or no change in teh 3 months since the diagnosis and we do not have to go back for 6 months or if his health changes. I just wanted to update you. Also, I am headed to a dog show this weekend I think -- not sure because I will be going alone and I feel a little dorky for doing so. Its not that going to an event alone is dorky just more that I feel dorky doing it in this intance. Anyway, I wont be bringing any dogs with me but I am bringing my camera. This means lovely doggy pics!! ::squeel noise::

so until then... here is the love of my life begging for a cookie....


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