Sunday, October 1, 2006

October 3 months old!

Great Dane life has been pretty frickin interesting to say the least. First off, I always knew they grew fast but who would have thought something could grow THIS fast and not explode! Frank is 100% raw-fed right now and has been since birth so he really doesnt eat as much as one would think, yet he gains about 3/4 of a pound per day.

We have also realized that Frank is "fiesty". I dont mean that he is aggressive or peppy, I mean feisty and will need to be constantly reminded that he is NOT the boss. First way we do this with him; hand feeding. He needs to learn that the food comes from me, so growling at me is only going to make it take longer to eat. Frank is also in training, and the breeder is on board with us giving great suggestions all the way!

Next month we are leaving for Jamaica to get married and Frank is staying with the breeder and her 5 danes. This could go either way, Frank could come back nasty and mean, or this could turn out to be a sort of BRAT CAMP and the adult danes will whip him into shape!

who knows!