Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hey everyone.

Things here are good, the boys are great :) I love them. Frank is an A-hole but very handsome and Django is still doing very well. AS i mentioned before he has been diagnosed with DCM Dialated cardio-myopathy or some such horridness. Basically it means he is going to eventually die of heart failure. It was a shock to us and it wasnt a shock to us. You see his brothers have died of it... well some of them anyway. We have been monitoring him with regular cardio visits. Unfortunately the day came in December where they looked at us and said "yes" but its mild. He goes back on the 11th to do a med check and make sure he is still OK. he will get another echo/doppler.

Other than that we are all okay. Django doesnt know he is sick so life for him has not changed. We still take our walks and wander around in the woods. We still love eachother enormously as well.

Thank you for your well wishes. i am going to be better at posting!

In my spare time (heh) I have been working Dane Rescue in my area. I am the VP of a rescue in Maine/NH. We placed about 30 danes last year and this year our first of the season is wobblers ;( and we are working a fundraiser to get him money for his treatment. Thats been really overwhelming.

So i will leave you with pics of my boys :)



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HawaiianDane said...

Great to see the boys again. So sorry that Django was diagnosed with DCM. :( At least he is still getting to do all of his normal activities and staying happy. Love the picture of him with his silly face. And Frank is still just as handsome. :D